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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Odyssey

Life is fine. The publishing company is moving forward with a wonderful anthology The Harsh and The Heart - Celebrating the Military which I managed to send to the authors after it came in Thursday without major incident. It's the first time I've sent out an anthology alone, but Becky was a great help from her home in St. Louis - a home I'll see tonight!
Justin, finally quiet in the swing.

Jack has the laid-back attitude of a party host with the most.
I've begun a 2700 mile odyssey, the first leg a familiar one that will become much more familiar. I'm in David and Dezi's living room and have the pleasure of being here for the 2nd month birthday of Justin and Jack.

I'll leave soon and drive to St. Louis where I'll spend two nights with my Silver Boomer Books partner Becky Haigler and meet three of our The Harsh and The Heart authors. Becky and I will have more time together in person than we've ever had, and we've been business partners since 2006!

Then Thursday morning, on to Grand Rapids, Michigan (I add that because I know very well there's a Grand Rapids, Minnesota. I started a book almost two decades ago involving confusing the two towns. I'll do some research for a rewrite of the book and that will make that a business trip leg, too! Of course the real appeal - well, a more compelling one in my mind - is the home of Jeffrey Scott Rollins and Samantha Yager Rollins. They were in Abilene Christmas, and I was in Grand Rapids fourteen months ago, but I'm certainly ready to visit!!!

When I start back south, whenever that is, I intend to go find some long-gone ancestors in a cemetery in Cape Girardeau, check in to see if gambling in Branson is as fun as in Reno or Tunica. I've got some contingent plans besides getting another grandson fix for the trip back, but it's truly and odyssey, unplanned and waiting to unfold before me. You're invited to come along.

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