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Thursday, August 11, 2011

St. Louis - Third Day of Odyssey

Becky and I left in the morning to see the St. Louis Arch and associated museum. It was great fun, then she showed me other parts of the city. My impression of St. Louis is that it looks more European than Texan. I've thought a lot about the distinction between this city and others. In recent years I've had a meeting that has gathered in Oklahoma City, Tempe, Tucson, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Austin, and Houston. Each city has unique attributes. Now, since more times than not I've travelled by plane and not had a car, and since the meeting is intense without a great deal of time to see sights, my image is through squinted eyes. Still, compared to those cities, St. Louis is closer to Europe than the western eight states involved. I love the sights, the flowers, the old houses, the ambience. I thoroughly have enjoyed the city and ESPECIALLY the people. Of course, they're my kind of people.

Becky and I visited with three of our writers from The Harsh and The Heart:  Linda O'Connell, Sioux, Roslawski, and Justo Herrera, and they're delightful people, of course! But really, they ARE!

Becky and I had a nice quiet supper last night - simple but elegant - then we worked on websites. I made a dumb mistake, using the wrong computer and ended up wiping out other work I'd done recently on the site. Then the server suddenly - in the middle of the evening, like about 9:30 - changed my password, deciding the password that had worked well for a number of years wasn't secure enough! If they told me about it other than on the phone call, I didn't find that email. So I visited with the gentleman there, then we pulled out three of my computers and one of Becky's and got color schemes and layouts and some content changed at Silver Boomer Books.

I'm ready to get some breakfast then get in the car and head to Michigan. Talking to Jeffrey last night was a taste of the delight for the next few days, and that will be wonderful. I'm more than ready to get to Grand Rapids and see him and Sam and the rest of her family.

Meanwhile, I've posted pictures from yesterday at Picasa, and you're welcome to check them out - and add your own captions. Pictures

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