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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Your Books Read

Problem: You’ve got a great book and 10% of your friends and family members to whom you didn’t give a free book have bought, and that seems to be all. You have no marketing budget and really need to move more books. Besides, it NEEDs to be read because it's a GREAT book! How can you get people to read it?

For purpose of an example, I'm using our Silver Boomer Books anthology FROM THE PORCH SWING - MEMORIES OF OUR GRANDPARENTS.

1. Blog about it, have a web presence, get on Facebook and other social media. Then have contests (answer a question or give the best example or some such - or just a random drawing of those who "like" the book), ask questions (what's your favorite part of this anthology?), and keep updating, keep people coming back or being aware of the book. Keri Mathews has done a marvelous job of doing just that for our anthology Flashlight MemoriesGet other people (those who owe you because you gave it free) to comment about your book and share it on their pages.

2. Push your book on other people’s blogs.

  1. Google search, blogs about grandparents:
    1. has recent posts on adult education, eating healthy on a budget, and facts and recipes for quinoa. (Keen-wah). Nope.
    2. has two posts since last May. Probably not many people reading this.
  2. Search for keywords grandparents on On google home page, under “more” select blogs then search.
    The first one, looked promising. They have a long list of grandparent names, and we’ve got names used for grandparents we feature in talking about FROM THE PORCH SWING, so a comment there about another name works. Gonnie is one not listed there and included in our book.
  3. That blog didn’t have a lot of comments, so it doesn’t help a lot, but if you do something cute enough and put it there then share the post you commented on to Facebook, etc., and see if you can draw some more traffic to that and to your comment. Do it on several blogs, and go back and work it into the conversation several times. You’ll find those blogs with the most comments, so concentrate there.
3. Set up a website to talk about books in general but yours fall in the list. You can do a site that reviews anthologies. Include other people’s anthologies, but yours as well. You don’t have to identify yourself as the author of the book to have the site.
    A page about your favorite Small Press Anthologies with critiques of:

     You may realize I threw in another of ours. Hehe. 

    Then do something to keep people coming back to that page. New news on recently published anthologies, etc., but have the home page prominent when the search hits so yours show up.
Don't you need to read FROM THE PORCH SWING?

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