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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sixty in January

I started January not with resolutions but with 60 goals to meet during January. The list has evolved. Some differ - are completely new - from those on the original list. And the parts of the list I wrote on January 1st that aren't done yet haven't been abandoned and will be completed. Some actually were completed but were private enough I didn't include them in this list for hordes in perpetuity. It is 12:16 a.m., February 1st. These are things I have accomplished in January, 2012. Those not completely finished may be listed, but noted.
  1. Write a list of 60 things to accomplish in January
  2. Flashlight Memories in Kindle format
  3. Survived to Love in Kindle format.
  4. Writing Toward the Light in Kindle format.
  5. White Elephants in Kindle format.
  6. Poetry Floats in Kindle format.
  7. Add Kindle books to (
  8. Revise the logo for Silver Boomer Books
  9. Revise the logo for Eagle Wings Press
  10. Revise the logo for Laughing Cactus Press
  11. Substitute new logos for old on websites, etc.
  12. Read twenty submissions for On Our Own
  13. Read twenty submissions for On Our Own
  14. Read twenty submissions for On Our Own
  15. Read twenty submissions for On Our Own
  16. Read twenty submissions for On Our Own (I read a total of 84 out of 145)
  17. Write a submission for On Our Own
  18. Read through and edit Crazy Lady in the Mirror (
  19. Read A Poetic Creation and respond to author
  20. Read A Heart on Hold and respond to author
  21. Set up a marketing calendar
  22. Create brochure for Retirement University (
  23. Create poster for Retirement University (
  24. Get review copies of Crazy Lady in the Mirror to reviewers. (They're being bound. I tried to pick them up on the 31st and they were not ready yet. Will go out Feb. 1st)
  25. Send Crazy to Library of Congress (Will go Feb. 1st)
  26. Get new business cards designed and printed 
  27. Bookmarks for Crazy
  28. Push cards for Crazy
  29. Set up Insights from the Jobsite
  30. Meet with potential editor for SBB, agree to trial.
  31. Meet with another potential editor for SBB, agree to trial.
  32. Investigate alternative to Lightning Source for printing large print books (I've done this only because it just says "investigate" - not have an answer.)
  33. Put up call for submissions for Times to Remember  (
  34. Design website to show separate calls for submissions
  35. Send copies of Slender Steps to Sanity and A Cloud of Witnesses to Mardel
  36. Publicize Kimble version of A Time for Verse (which was uploaded 12/30/11)
  37. Speech for Buffalo Gap Republican Woman's Club
  38. Write article for BG paper on speculation
  39. Inventory books on hand 1/1/12 
  40. Copies of Retirement U brochure and poster to Wisteria Place 
  41. Copies of Retirement U brochure and poster to Wesley Court (appointment made) 
  42. Copies of Retirement U brochure and poster to Mesa Springs 
  43. Copies of Retirement U brochure and poster to University Place (contact made) 
  44. Interview with Fearless Fernandez (on radio January 5th, scheduled for tomorrow, Feb. 2nd, then March 1st - 7:45 A.M., Kean 105 (Listen online.)
  45. Fix the RSS feed for Recovery Daily Dose 
  46. Five sections of new book on Galatians (this done with OAStepper)
  47. Set up This Path for Kindle, help Becky get author permissions (authors notified, most have given permission, two have not, more have not replied. It will be published without those not granting permission. Some bios to be revised before publishing it on Kindle.)
  48. Design cover for large print version A Cloud of Witnesses
  49. Revise Kindle version of Slender Steps to Sanity (revisions have been done, still working on some polishing, will be up and out by Friday.)
  50. Get a security package for office computer
  51. Do a redirect on each old page on the websites to get all links to go to the revised websites
  52. Send Milagros to Barnes & Noble for sale in stores (in progress, nearly done, need a permalink that I've asked for)
  53. Send White Elephants to Banes & Noble (in progress, nearly done)
  54. Sales Tax Report and payment
  55. Write Recovery Daily Dose every day, publicize
  56. Walk at least 25 miles
  57. Contact Quanah CofC about Fall Festival booth
  58. Contact Western Heritage about booth
  59. Attend Abilene After Hours
  60. Hire part-time help

Yes, I intend to make a February list. No, it will not have 60 - or even 58 - things listed. But I will accomplish great things in February as well, God willing.

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