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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Year of Beginnings

Grandmom with Jack (L) and Justin
Five-sixths of the way through 2011, I look back on the momentous journey of the year with gratitude, joy, and fond memories. Two have been very public. One I wish were more public, and the third the "courthouse crowd" and some of my friends know, and I'm telling the rest of you today.

January 1st I watched as Sam Carroll was sworn in as Judge of County Court at Law No. 2 of Taylor County. I had participated in a similar ceremony April 1, 1988. Twenty-two years, nine months leave vivid and delightful memories, good friends, and pride in a job well done. I've never regretted the decision to step aside, but I very much miss the daily contact with all the good people there.

On that day the third event (the one I wish more people knew of) also happened, for I became a full-time author, editor, and publisher. I emphasize the publisher part of the description, because I continue to be surprised how many people don't know I'm doing that and don't even know Silver Boomer Books is an Abilene publishing company. We've got 18 books published now, and our office is in the Commerce Plaza building. I'm there most days, 1290 S. Willis, Ste. 210, but call before you come to make sure (325-518-5108). My partners are Becky Haigler and Ginny Greene, and we publish nostalgia and memoirs at Silver Boomer Books, poetry and fiction at Laughing Cactus Press, and 12-Step Recovery and spiritual writing at Eagle Wings Press.

You can follow us on our Facebook page, which is echoed on Twitter. Our books are at Hastings and Texas Star in Abilene, or by contacting us. They're on and and available for order at any bookstore.  In an effort to get the word out, we've very recently contracted with Sandra Minnick for a media blitz.

The second, fairly well known, event you've already ooohed and awwed over, my twin grandsons Jack and Justin Rollins, sons of David and Dezi. They are such a joy. Dezi says they're working on eating their first solid food, rice, today, and I'm really tempted to get in the car and follow the already-worn track to Frisco and their house! They were born June 9. (I've realized there's a problem seeing this year's archives on this blog, and I will see what I can do to fix that soon. Here's the post I wrote just after they were born.)

And the fourth. I moved into an apartment in July and filed for divorce this week. It certainly was no easy choice to made - I'd tried to make it for years. But it is the right decision for me, and I am fine and thriving. Contact information can be hard to come by, so use the address and phone number stated above for the partnership and for me individually.

It's been a VERY good year.

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